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We’re problem-solvers, marketers, and professionals in all things digital.

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About-us Background

Our Name

‘Geezerbuild’ the name is a play on the slang word ‘Geezer’, and the pyramids of ‘Giza’.

The pyramids of Giza are shrouded in an air of mystery and conspiracy theories; but we believe that at the end of the day, it was built through sheer hard work. As a team, that’s the mentality we bring to our digital products and services: they need to look great and create awe, but behind it all, we’re working hard to build it brick by brick.


Offer digital marketing solutions that improve our clients’ businesses for the long-term, both offline and online.


Use technology as a tool to make innovative businesses and useful products.


At Geezerbuild, we’re problem-solvers, marketers, and professionals in all things digital. Our clients like that we’re a team that adapts to the many different situations of their businesses, regardless of company size, industry, or location. In particular,our clients choose us based on the following unique factors:


We offer real expertise and serve as digital consultants to create campaigns and strategies that match your goals.


Our culturally diverse team brings fresh, globalised perspectives to our campaigns, with particular strength in the South East Asian market.


We work with our clients to create meaningful long-term relationships and working processes.


Our team is full of globetrotting entrepreneurs from diverse industries such as music, events, design, distribution and F&B, among others. This allows for us to offer actionable business insights in addition to our marketing solutions.


Our Digital Offerings

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Geezerbuild has firmly placed itself at the heard of a social media surge in South East Asia. Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar are some of the countries that are each utilizing social media in new & insightful ways –And each culture and lifestyle within these nations respond and interact differently to social media.

Our unique edge is having the regional know-how, expertise, and experience in South East Asia. With this we localise creative content, adapt mobile & desktop strategies, and create social media promotional campaigns that bring success to our clients across this versatile and ever-adapting region.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising



In a heavily crowded market of digital advertising; it’s difficult to choose the right channels and providers, and confusing to analyse your cost ROI, decide who to target and when, and manage an ad c ampaign consistently, daily.

Our unique edge is working with the correct advertising partners; whether it be a mobile specific DSP company, a Facebook-only keyword targeting platform, or a partnership with Google, Geezerbuild manages and ensures that your ad campaign serves your marketing needs.

Social Listening Analytics

Social Listening Analytics


Our social listening platform was created to give businesses actionable information to improve their communications. As a social listening tool, it has provided valuable data to brands and government organizations; such as key issues in regional locations, general sentiment on keywords & products, and lists of the most influential media outlets and content creators.

But just gathering data and information is not enough: Geezerbuild provides reports with detailed meaning and reasons behind social media trends, content popularity, and predicts upcoming sentiments based on keywords.

Digital Development

Digital Development


Geezerbuild works with specific partners to develop a wide range of technology – including Websites, Large-scale platforms, Native Mobile Apps, and MVPs (minimum viable product) for start-up products.

Our unique edge is our ‘all-in’ approach to your development projects – from prototype to release. Geezerbuild also project manages projects with a few select partner development teams, and tailors the right developers to match our clients projects.

Our Work

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